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Physical modeling

HyLab offers its expertise in the field of physical modeling in hydraulics.

The services offered include the preliminary study of the prototype, the design and construction of the scale reproduction, the execution of tests, the processing of the acquired data and the analysis of the results aimed at improving the design solutions and increasing the hydraulic efficiency of the prototype.

Issues such as:

  • Artifacts of expansion tanks, with details of the discharge organs and determination of the outflow scales
  • Dissipation tanks, with the measurement of the forces acting on the related paving slabs or on the teeth (or blocks) responsible for localizing dissipative phenomena
  • Bypass Galleries
  • River confluences
  • Pipeline systems
  • Movable bottom models
  • Etc.
Physical model (scale 1:50) of the regulating artifact of the expansion tank on the Parma stream (2008).
Physical model (scale 1:50) of the dissipation tank inside the bypass tunnel of Lake Idro (December 2009).